The newsletter for June from our minister, Rev. Francis Neil

Conference is where opinions are aired and decisions made every year in the Methodist Church.  Not an easy task and, as Revd. Francis says, prayers will be appreciated .........


Dear Friends,

We are fast approaching the event that takes place around this time of the year which has much significance in Methodism – the annual Methodist Conference. This year it is being held in Nottingham from 28th June to 5th July.

What does the Methodist Conference mean to you? The Methodist Church Website explains:

‘The Methodist Conference is the body that agrees policy for the Methodist Church. It meets annually in June or July and is hosted by a different district or group of districts each year. The Conference first met in 1744 under John Wesley, who gathered together his assistants (both ordained ministers and itinerant lay preachers) to confer together about 'what to teach, how to teach, and what to do, i.e. how to regulate our doctrine, discipline and practice.' The contemporary Conference is a gathering of representatives from each Methodist district, along with some who have been elected by the Conference and some ex officio members and representatives of the Youth Assembly. Representatives are a mixture of lay people, ordained presbyters and deacons. Presbyters and deacons also have their own separate gatherings before the main, decision-making session. Business for the Conference to decide upon is prepared by the Methodist Council, an elected body that meets regularly. Memorials to Conference may be sent by districts ahead of time, and representatives to Conference may introduce Notices of Motion.’

I watched a video clip about the Methodist Church recently which ended with the message ‘We are you’ – a profound reminder of the connexional or interconnected essence of who and how we are the Methodist Church and how ‘Conference’ forms that pivotal role in our being.

Can I please encourage you to pray for Conference; to pray for the Yorkshire West District representatives and all those who attend; for the conversations and decisions, for current and past Presidents and Vice Presidents and for the President Designate Revd Michaela Youngson and the Vice-President Designate Bala Gnanapragasam; that in all things God may be glorified and His will be done for His Kingdom to come. You can engage with Conference directly if you have access to the internet and you can ‘Live Stream’ some of the worship and debates in real time; if you can I would encourage you to do so.

Offering a challenge to us all the Revd Lorraine Mellor; the current President of the Methodist Conference said:"I want to encourage and enable the Church to put God back on the agenda in our communities and enthuse people to share the Good News. The Church has reached a tipping point, the time has come for us to take some risks in our mission and in our discipleship in order to help us grow".

As the Methodist Church how will we respond to that challenge in the name of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God.?



(If the help of our minister is needed, please telephone Rev. Francis on 01422 615910 )