The newsletter for December & January from our minister, Rev. Francis Neil

Something is coming, we all know it is coming; but what do we do whilst we are waiting? Revd. Francis shares his thoughts......... 

Dear Friends,

According to an article I read in a newspaper recently there were 130 million parcels delivered over Christmas 2016 - the logistics of which must be enormous. That said, have you ever experienced not being in when a parcel you were waiting for has attempted to be delivered and finding the card through the door saying you can collect it the next day? Waiting; how do we respond when we are required to wait?

Advent, for Christians, is a time of waiting upon God in preparation for the coming of Christ. The United Methodist Church website explains:

'…Advent, comes from the Latin word adventus meaning coming or visit, begins four Sundays before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve.'

I wonder how we will approach Advent as we wait for and journey towards Christmas, looking forward to the birth of Christ and as we ponder His coming again. Over the years Advent has been a time for prayer and reflection on Christ's coming and all that that means. Are we able to create that space each day, no matter how short, for prayer and time with God and as the journey to the manger gets ever nearer?

As we watch and wait I pray your Advent may be one where you are drawn closer to Christ and the assurance of His love. That as we journey to the room where Christ is born we may know Him born anew in our hearts with His love for the world so that we may share the Good News of 'Immanuel', 'God with us' in whom all our hope is founded:


Hope of the world,
Mary's Child,
you're coming soon to reign;
King of the earth,
Mary's Child,
walk in our streets again.
Geoffrey Ainger

May God surround you with His love and peace this Advent, Christmas and New Year.



(If the help of our minister is needed, please telephone Rev. Francis on 01422 615910 )