The newsletter for July & August from our minister, Rev. Francis Neil

So, it really is Summer now, when, as Revd. Francis says, it is good to find time for rest and relaxation.  But there may be some matters that are worth giving a little thought to.........


Dear Friends,

Over the past few years I have had the privilege to be involved with the 'Encounter Programme'. 'Encounter' is a year-long programme that explores discipleship and vocation developed and run by the Methodist Church' and here are a couple of typical comments from the last programme run in the Calderdale Circuit that ended earlier this year:

'A fantastic combination of fellowship, prayer, creative meditation and inventive ways to deepen faith. I have loved it! Sad that it's got to end but it's now time to move forward with whatever God has in store for each of us.'

'It was all more than I anticipated. Thank you to you all for the journey!''

The programme is designed to help people develop a deeper relationship with God, to know themselves better and identify their gifts and discern their personal calling from God, in service, both within and outside the church. Encounter is an ideal programme if you are sensing a call to a particular ministry, either ordained or lay, and wish to explore that calling further.  Encounter is also for you if you sense God is nudging you to do something new or deeper and feel called to explore what that call might be.

A small group of up to 12 people, led by Encounter Facilitators, meet approximately once a month to consider various themes relating to discipleship and vocation.  Each session involves prayer, engagement with the Bible, discussion and time for reflection. Between sessions, Explorers follow activities of their own choosing, such as delving deeper into session themes, practical experiences of Christian service or ministry, and personal learning experiences such as reading, attending short courses or study days.  Each Explorer also meets regularly with an Encounter Accompanist to discuss and reflect on their personal journey during the Encounter programme.

You can download a leaflet about Encounter by following this web link:
which contains more information about the programme.  Or you can visit the Encounter website: 
which also contains full details about the programme.

Perhaps you might like to ponder over the summer whether the 'Encounter Programme' is something you would like to engage with; it starts in September 18 and ends in July 2019. If that is the case then speak with me and I'd be glad to have a conversation about how we might take that forward.

I hope that summer months allow you some time and space for rest and relaxation knowing you are held in the love of Christ.




(If the help of our minister is needed, please telephone Rev. Francis on 01422 615910 )