The newsletter for Summer 2017 from our minister, Rev. Francis Neil

We could not claim to be a high-brow, intense and deeply scriptural group, but this was an interesting and rewarding exercise......... 

Dear friends,

'Who is wise and understanding among you? Show by your good life that your works are done with gentleness born of wisdom.' These wise and challenging words are from the book of James. (James 3:13).

As you read this the 'Bible Month' joint venture between ourselves and Christ Church will have ended. It was good to meet and share together as we responded to the initiative from the Methodist church where we:

  • over four consecutive Sundays in June heard and reflected upon a series of sermons on the book of James at St Paul's and Christ Church,
  • met together the following Monday evening engaging with the Bible in fresh and innovative ways.

By focusing on a single biblical book, the aim of the Bible Month was to help all in church engage more deeply with Scripture.

Here are some of the group that met each week and who, individually and collectively, found it a challenging and enriching experience in seeking to respond to the word of God. Bible Month was well supported by excellent resources.


I hope this encourages us all and wonder how we each might intentionally engage with the Bible in the weeks and months ahead. Are we open to form into small groups with others to explore God's word and reflect on how God is calling us today? Perhaps that is something we could look to pray about over the summer and actively consider how we might make it happen in the new connexional year from September.

I hope you have a blessed and enjoyable summer.



(If the help of our minister is needed, please telephone Rev. Francis on 01422 615910 )