Ministers and Church Stewards.  Click an image for more details

 Rev. Francis Neil is our church minister.  In fact, Rev Francis has responsibility for three churches in the circuit!  In fairness, he always seems to have time for everyone.


Rev. John Saville is officially retired - that makes him technically a Supernumerary Minister.  However, he does a great deal of work at St. Paul's and his special interest is church music.

Angel Hellowell - Chuch Steward and Bookings Officer.  Telephone 01422 839736.

Paul Hinton - Church Steward & Safeguarding.  Telephone 01422 831431.


Dawn Teague - Church Steward, Safeguarding, Treasurer, and Junior Church leader.  Telephone 01422 357772.


Wendy Donnellan - Church Steward. Telephone 01422 355247

Eileen Gledhill - Church Steward. Telephone 01422 839476.



Adrian Mitchell - Church Steward. Tel: 01422 646685



Angela Lane - Worship Co-ordinater. 


Terry Walsh - Friendship Group & Coffee Morning. Telephone 01422 839465.