What is going on for the people of St. Paul's...?

Sunday July 23rd
10.30am: Morning Worship led by Mr David Brackenridge
Junior Church
Refreshments served after the service

Monday July 24th
10.00am: Friendship Group

Friday July 21st
10.30am: Coffee Morning
6.15pm: Imperial Crusaders Band Practice

Sunday July 30th
10.30am: Morning Worship with Holy Communion led by Revd                Graham Smith 
               Junior Church
               Refreshments served after the service

Forthcoming dates for events in an
d around our church and circuit... 

There are always a number of worthwhile events coming up in and around our circuit. We are asked to display notices for these but if they were all pinned to our notice board it would be overflowing! There is a folder of these notices in the concourse. Why not have a look through it from time to time? 

Posters advertising some of the other events around the circuit can be seen on the circuit website by clicking here.



Heptonstall is currently closed for some much needed refurbishment so the congregation hold their services at St Thomas’s. Please give thanks for the support extended to them at this time and pray that they may be revived for their future mission in the village.

                           OURSELVES AT ST. PAUL'S
So give thanks for the life and give love to the Maker
and rejoice in the gift of the bright risen Son.
And walk in the peace and power of the Spirit
till the days of our living are done.
Kathy Galloway, Singing the Faith 114 (appointed hymn for today)

Please pray for those who live on John Street West, Chester Street, Arnold Street and Clement Street.


As part of the pastoral work in our church, we have a group of people willing to pray for your personal needs. Feel free to phone any of the church officers about this. If you would like personal prayer on a Sunday morning, please speak to the steward and they will arrange it for you.

We so often only pray for people in trouble. Let us also pray in thanks for the loving, the joyful, the kind and those who go out of their way to ease other people's burdens.


Per Lane Ogden
Tuesday 25th July at 2pm
There will be a short service, led by Paula Prosser, followed by Cream Teas. All are welcome!


Our Babies & Toddlers Group celebrated the end of the year by having a party in their last session. Balloons, fun activities and party food ensured they all had a good time. (Including the grown-ups!)

There will be a meeting for Pastoral Carers at 2.15pm on 20th September. The meeting will be in the Worship Area with entrance via the Fire Door. There will be a reminder nearer the time.

The new offering envelopes will be available in September. If you don’t already use weekly offering envelopes and would like to consider doing so, please have a word with me.
Likewise, if you have decided to give through direct debit and therefore , no longer need envelopes, please let me know. Thank you. Angela Hellowell. 

Remember to return your Sunday School Hymn Books to Paul, together with a list of your top ten children's hymns. A selection of the hymns will be used in the service on 13th August, 10.30am.

The summer letter from our Minister is now available on the table in The Concourse. Please take copies for yourself and others.


Every Friday 2.00pm to 4.00pm 
at Sowerby Bridge Library 
friendly chat and jigsaws
The aim is simple: Relaxed jigsaw building and a chance to meet people!

Please save your used postage stamps for THE LEPROSY MISSION. There is a tin for them in the Concourse. Thank you

Our Flower Ministry needs your help! If you know someone who is unwell and would benefit from some flowers, could you buy them some and take them on behalf of the church? The duty steward can let you have some money so don't be afraid to ask. It is helpful if we know who has received them and a book for this is kept in the vestry cupboard. If you are ill, please remember to inform your Pastoral Carer or, if that's not possible, let Karen Walsh know on 839465

Did you know that you can also support Fairtrade by buying Fairtrade flowers from Aldi and Lidl?


Busy day, lots on. prayer time pushed out? Go to www.prayersonthemove.com or search POTM in your App Store to download a daily prayer app for your mobile phone. Created by SPCK, prayers are short - some only a line long - and you can listen to them, share them, 'Like' them and even set a reminder time for them to help your prayer habit!


Plastic trigger heads from cleaning sprays, cleaning wipes packaging (eg from surface wipes), flip top caps from home cleaning products (eg washing up liquid, Cif cream) and synthetic 'biscuit wrapping' - these items are not recycled by Calderdale so, if you like, put them in the box in the Concourse and I will pass them on to raise money for Contesa, a charity in Zambia which provides care for vulnerable girls, orphaned because of AIDS and HIV. Many thanks, Angela Hellowell. 

As well as the ongoing need for tinned meat and other food items in the Joseph Store, there is also a need, please, for toiletry items, particularly for ladies, such as shower gel, soap, body lotion and deodorant. All contributions gratefully received.

Future Notices

 Please give information for future notices to Angela Hellowell.  You can telephone Angela, (01422 839736), or email, (hellowanj@aol.com).  To be included on the Sunday, notices need to reach Angela by 6pm on Friday evening.  

Thank you.

All of our Sunday morning services are recorded on CDs, which are then available to borrow.  If you would like to know more, please speak to Don Hayward, Alex Lee or Angela Hellowell, .