We have developed groups of folk within the church, to study aspects of our activities.  These groups are not "number limited", and anyone who wishes may attend the various get-togethers.

Prayer & Worship

We consider what worship is and who it is for.  Are changes needed from time to time?  How can we make sure new people are feel comfortable and at ease. We have several sub-groups that meet from time to timew.

                          Pastoral & Community 

We meet together several time a year to discuss our work in the community.   The Nativity Stable was our big event last year, and since it was quite a success we plan to repeat that on 17th December 2016.  Matters discussed are very relevant to Pastoral Carers and any one interested in aspects of mission in and to the community.

Backroom Administration

May sound boring, but is far from it! Everyone welcome to attend our meeting when they are advertised; but especially if your interests or jobs include:

Treasurer / Bank signatories / Auditor
Counters of Sunday offertory
Envelope Offertory
Gift Aid
Room Bookings
Building maintenance
Web site
LED notice board
Publishing weekly notices
Preaching posters / Window posters
Church banners
Notice board
Outside publicity